High-performance scintillators manufactured in the USA

CapeSym, Inc. is a multi-faceted company offering novel and traditional scintillation crystals and detectors for nuclear detection, including ScintiClear™ SrI2(Eu), ElpasoLight™ CLYC(Ce), Lanthanum Bromide LaBr3(Ce), 6Lithium Iodide 6LiI(Eu), and other materials.

How to choose

Select from standard encapsulation options or
order customized solution

Here you can order standard and customized scintillation crystals, detectors, and temperature stabilized IP rated detector modules.

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  • Customization

What we use

Scintillation Materials

About Us

Crystal growth company with more than 100-years of combined experience

Our manufacturing is leveraged by ongoing R&D and decades of experience in crystal growth, solid state physics, analytical chemistry, materials science, thermo-fluid transport, and engineering design. CapeScint as a subsidiary of CapeSym, Inc. has a long history working with the US Government as a contractor and as a supplier of essential goods and services. During the last 30 years CapeSym, Inc. supported missions of multiple US Government agencies including NASA, MDA, DoD, DoE, NIH, and DHS.

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