Detector Assembly CsI-51x51-R6231
ElpasoLight CLYC nEL-38x38-R6231 scintillation detector
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CsI-51×51 Scintillation Detector Assembly includes Ø50.8×50.8 mm  (Ø2”x2”) CsI(Tl) crystal coupled to Hamamatsu R6231 PMT hermetically packed in an Aluminum housing with 0.5 mm thick walls and integrated magnetic shield and temperature sensor (optional)

Detector type CsI(Tl)
Detector size Ø50.8×50.8 mm
Energy range From 10 keV
Typical resolution 5.5% at 662 keV
Ambient dose rate N/A
Typical sensitivity,
1500 (137Cs)
1200 (60Co)
Neutron detection No
Readout  PMT+JEDEC B14-38
Dimensions Ø60×167 mm
Weight 850 g
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