Scintillation Crystal CsI-38x38
Scintillation Crystal ScintiClear SrI2(Eu) SC-38x38
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CsI(Tl) scintillation crystal Ø38.1×38.1 mm (Ø1.5”x1.5”) hermetically packed in an Aluminum housing with 1 mm thick walls and Ø44 mm fused silica window

Detector type CsI(Tl)
Detector size Ø38.1×38.1 mm
Energy range From 15 keV
Typical resolution 6% at 662 keV
Ambient dose rate N/A
Typical sensitivity,
750 (137Cs)
590 (60Co)
Neutron detection No
Dimensions Ø46×46 mm
Weight 240 g
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